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Tony Guizzotti, a ninth grader at Mary-vale High in Cheektowaga, N.Y., wrestles in the 95-pound class on the high school varsity. He has won 13 bouts (all on pins), lost one and tied one—the referee mistakenly stopped the match as Tony was about to win.

Joe Bowers, 6'2" senior forward at Sebring (Ohio) High School, finished season play with 44 consecutive free throws over an 11-game span. His mark falls only nine free throws short of the collegiate record, set in 1966 by Bob Gleason of Montclair (N.J.) State.

Jennifer Martin is the student manager of the boys' varsity swimming team at Waggener High School in St. Matthews, Ky. "I thought a girl might inspire the boys to show up on time," said Coach Frank Brooks. So far attendance at 6 a.m. practice is perfect.

Patrick Marriott, 10, of Pomona, Calif., took up golf last summer and averages 34 on a par 3 course, with a best of 28 and a 130-yard hole in one. Pat considers gymnastics his sport, though, and was third in the trampoline and fifth overall in his only two meets.

A. Russell Thompson, 65, of Garden City, N.Y., who graduated from Hamilton College in 1925 and scored the first goal on the Hamilton rink 47 years ago, got a goal and an assist as the varsity beat the alumni 11-10. Thompson had been captain of his team.

Debbie Brill, 16, of Haney, British Columbia, high-jumped 5'9½"—backward—to set a Canadian women's record at an indoor meet in Vancouver. With her version of the Fosbury Flop, which she calls the Brill Bend, Debbie has now jumped higher than any girl her age.