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14 With a Flourish of Trumpets
Lew Alcindor, ending his college playing days on a new high note, led UCLA to its third straight NCAA title

20 Bright Girls in a Smother of Smog
In the final ski race of the season a U.S. triumph was clouded by new USSA policies

22 A Win for Booze and Nicotine
Paul Haber followed his usual barroom routine before the U.S. handball championships—and it worked again

24 Sebring Was a Poem
In the closest finish in years, a Ford spoiled Ferrari's comeback in the 12-hour Florida endurance run

26 The Big Zinger from Binger
Small-town boy Johnny Bench is strictly big-time when it comes to throwing, hitting, catching—and confidence

36 The Old Boys Are Still Best
One of sport's enduring dynasties is maitained by the All-Americas of the Mount Washington Lacrosse Club

42 Marlin Lover of Mazatlàn
Bill Heimpel can take billfish or leave them alone, but he would rather have it a combination of the two

56 Call Back the Years
A lifetime of determination finally got Charlie Sifford to the top in what had been a white man's game

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6 Scorecard
48 People
50 College Basketball
52 Horse Racing
54 Bridge
71 For the Record
72 19th Hole

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