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Rebels Any Way You Cut It


Bearding the Establishment is the fashion these days, and three stars with hair-trigger tempers are going along with the hair-raising trend—burned and barbed in rebellion. But their close and not-so-close shaves provide sport with some of its topknottiest moments

Bristling Richie Allen, who says his mutton chops endear him to the young, invites Cardinal Pitcher Joe Hoerner to fight. The day before Allen was fined $1,000 when he didn't show up for a game—he missed two flights by, uh, a hairsbreadth, he explained. Pretty bush(y).

"I'm not concerned with an image. I do what I want to do because I want to do it," said Bill Hartack, typically, when asked why he wore a beard while riding at Bay Meadows last December. He has since shaved and been shaved. The word is that he will receive only a portion of his Kentucky Derby winnings. The IRS is appropriating the rest in payment for back taxes.

Joe Namath knows when hair is an asset and when it is not. Schick paid him $10,000 to shave his Fu Manchu last December. In April he wore a natty beard while accepting a $1.8 million check for shares in his restaurant chain. Ten days later Namath faced charges of drunken and careless driving. He was clean-cut in court, declared sober and fined $50 for speeding.