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Jim Pratt, an all-round athlete at Indianapolis' Chatard High School, pitched his baseball team to the city championship, was named Indiana's top defensive star in football, and in basketball scored 1,511 points to rank third in the city's high school history.

Chris Bowles, former national collegiate champion for conventional target shooting and captain of the UCLA rifle team, was named All-America for the fourth time. Bowles holds a U.S. civilian record of 1,145 points on a 50-meter outdoor range.

Caroline Treviranus, 14, of White Post, Va., won both divisions of the Blue Ridge Horse Trials in Millwood, Va., riding Snicker Doodle and Cajun. Caroline became eligible when the U.S. Combined Training Association lowered the minimum age to 14.

Bob Raslavsky, 15, rowed in the fourth-place, eight-oar shell of St. John's, Shrewsbury, Mass. at the New England Interscholastic Regatta on Lake Quinsigamond, then won the single sculls by a length. "I felt dead, but I saw [the leader] dying and it gave me hope."

Allen (Abba) Waller, 12, a rightfielder and pitcher on the Cubs in Atlanta's Buckhead League, is a switch hitter who, in one game, sent a home run over the fence right-handed, fell just short with a left-handed drive and put two fouls out of the park. He is batting .450.

Greg Kearsh, a junior attackman at Fairleigh-Dickinson, Madison, N. J., led his lacrosse team to its best season (13-2), scoring 20 goals and 31 assists and often playing the entire 60 minutes of a game. He had missed most of last season with a shoulder separation.