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"If anyone wants some boar meat, I've got some," said Hubert Humphrey, and so he had. The former Vice-President had just returned from a hunt on a game preserve northwest of Moscow, where he bagged a 70-kilo (154 pounds) boar—a memorable achievement for a man who up to now has seldom ventured anything bigger than birds.

On the eve of the moon landing a Philadelphia newspaper conducted a poll at city hall, checking out what the local politicians' first word would be, were they in Armstrong's Astroboots. One city councilman indicated that he wouldn't just talk. "I'd mark off a 100-meter course and run it, and thus I'd at least have a moon record for a while, and my name would be in the record books." The councilman's name is already in the record books. Princess Grace's brother, Jack Kelly, won a bronze medal in the 1956 Olympics for the single sculls.

Jackie Stewart retreats to Scotland between races to relax in a fashion appropriate to a grandson of a Scottish gamekeeper—fishing for salmon. He killed three here on the Spey, a 20-pounder and two weighing in at 14 pounds apiece.

Janis Paige is on the road with the musical comedy Mame and last week she spent part of her spare time at the Chagrin Valley Professional Horseman's Association Show. She was particularly interested in the jumper classes, having won a cup in one of them herself—"The first cup I won meant so much to me," she says, "that I placed it next to my husband's Academy Award." Obviously Miss Paige is more of a horsewoman than the character she portrays.

San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto and the city's chief of protocol, Cyril Magnin, recently invited 59 consuls-general to a Giants-Dodgers game—and 35 accepted and brought their wives. Since most of them had never seen a ball game, Magnin undertook to brief the group at a pregame champagne brunch. "Our boys, the Giants, wear white uniforms," he explained. "We are the heroes. The Dodgers wear gray uniforms. They are the enemy. When we [Magnin and Alioto] wave our hands, you shout, like this. Hoo-ray! When we remain silent, you remain silent." However, come game time Alioto and Magnin chickened out. Walter (The Great) Mails, once a Series pitcher for Cleveland and now a Giants PR man, was called in as cheerleader and after four innings he had his distinguished charges roaring splendidly on cue. When it was all over and the Giants had been urged to a 5-4 victory, Carl-Henrik Peterson of Sweden announced thoughtfully, "I am now a Gigantic fan. The game was fascinating and amazing. More amazing than fascinating, however."

"Did I bring my golf clubs along? I wouldn't go to the bathroom without them," says Comedian Dick Martin, socking it to those fans who think he never sets foot out of doors. Martin is on tour with Dan Rowan and part of the Laugh-In cast and he claims, "My road manager has to line up tee times before he books shows—I want to play the best courses we can get on. I outlawed matinees and insisted there be no rehearsals before 4 in the afternoon, and it's worked perfectly. I got to play in every city we've been in; in Toronto I played six courses. Dan couldn't care less about golf," Martin adds. "He'd rather sleep. He used to play, but the game got to him. He got terribly upset and threw clubs. But I'd rather play golf than anything else except—well, you can't play golf at night."

Marta Vasconcelos, the Brazilian lass who was last year's Miss Universe, has come to the end of her reign, and not a minute too soon, either. She found it all horrible and boring, it seems, and one of the duties she found too horrible to perform was kissing winning race drivers. "I kiss only my father and my boyfriend," sniffs Miss Universe, abandoning any racing heroes to mere glory and money.

Actor David Hemmings (with wife Gayle Hunnicutt) hobbled into the London premi√®re of his film, Alfred the Great, on crutches. The mighty had fallen—playing baseball. Hemmings is a member of a group known as The Mount Street Football and Marching Association, which includes such actors as Tommy Steele, Tom Courtenay and Terence Stamp. They meet regularly for Saturday lunch and pretty regularly Sunday mornings to play soccer in fall and winter and baseball in summer. In his first baseball game Hemmings chipped a bone in his ankle trying to leg out a grounder.