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10 Hank Becomes a Hit
Atlanta fights for a pennant and baseball finds a superstar who has been there all the time

14 Winning Our Thing in Denmark
We invented water skiing, but a lot of people think it is all for show. A U.S. team proved the contrary

18 Shoo-in for a Young Shoe Pitcher
A cocky 20-year-old showed the middle-aged (and old) men of horseshoe pitching how to win the world title

20 Alone for a Passing Moment
The pro receiver is on his own—running patterns, feinting, going for the ball. A gallery of color photographs

28 His Word Is the Law of Averages
Care to know when Paul Hornung scored five touchdowns or what Ernie Banks hit in July? Just ask Seymour Siwoff

32 Obsessions of a Late Bloomer
Beginning in a very small way, Dick Walters moved step by step from fishing to dog training to sailplaning

50 Shy Owner of 1/640th of the U.S.
Once famous as a kidnap victim, George Weyerhaeuser is now a farsighted timber tycoon with a plan for recreation

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5 Scorecard
38 People
43 Golf
44 Basketball
46 Baseball
59 For the Record
60 Baseball's Week
62 19th Hole

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Next week

The now generation confronts the coach in a struggle for authority that may determine the future of intercollegiate sport. The first of a three-part series by John Underwood.

A glittering field will be at the PGA in Dayton—Jack, Arnie, Julie and Billy, as well as the fellows who have been winning the tournaments. Dan Jenkins will be there, too.

The travers is a highlight of the Saratoga season and Arts and Letters is the high horse. Whitney Tower will report on this classic Derby-distance run for the 3-year-olds.