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22 Hail to King Jackie!
A swinging Scot wins the world driving championship and begins what promises to be a reign of unusual splendor

28 It's Time to Break up the Mets
The New Yorkers, who used to break up their fans with their clownish play, suddenly are feared and in first place

30 Tossing Bombs into the Hoops
Only weeks before the players start shooting, the American Basketball Association declares war on the NBA

Pro Football 1969

38 Inside footballs clichés with Tex Maule and Arnold Roth
42 Complete scouting reports on all 26 NFL and AFL teams
62 The kicking boom in color and a look at Jet Jim Turner
106 A team to forget—the not-so-titanic New York Titans

86 "Help Me Buy This Horse!"
That was the plea of Don Le Vine, who fell in love with a lazy colt. He got help—and a winner

101 Chuck Hixson and his Aerial Circus
The exciting SMU quarterback throws 50 passes a game and thrills the fans. He even wins, but not last week

The departments

17 Scorecard
84 People
86 Horse Racing
96 Bridge
101 College Football
127 For the Record
128 Baseball's Week
130 19th Hole

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Next week

The NFL kicks off with a showdown between the champion Colts and their arch-rivals, the Rams. Tex Maule reports on how a hale Johnny U. fares against the Foursome.

A Chicago institution sweet-talking Ernie Banks has been rattling out hits and good humor for so long, Mark Kram writes, that people forget that underneath lies quite a man.

Alligators won't be seeing anybody later unless strict control of hide sales comes soon. Martin Kane goes to Florida for a look at the beasts and some thoughts on their future.