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20 Bye-Bye, No. 1
Ohio State wets supposed to be the greatest college team in history, but last week Michigan proved otherwise

24 Nino's Hook Stopped a Roman Riot
Italian fans had an ally in the referee but they would have gone berserk if Rodriguez somehow had won

28 Like a Green Bay Tree
Handball's saintly statesmen said champion Paul Haber was ruining the sport's image, so they tried to exorcise him

30 Something to Remember Them By
The Rams beat the Cowboys last Sunday, a loss L.A. wants Dallas to recall if they play for the NFL title

College Basketball's New Season

34 Pete Maravich, flashiest in a gallery of super seniors, reveals the sources and uses of his magical powers

48 Scouting reports on the Top 20, five teams that are coming on, the best of the rest and the small colleges

92 The Longest Silence
The inner quiet of a permit fisherman's stark concentration transcends the sound of blowing wind and lapping wave

The departments

6 Booktalk
13 Scorecard
70 College Football
78 People
81 Hockey
86 Baseball
111 For the Record
112 19th Hole

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The Knicks are blitzing the NBA with a display of team basketball unseen since the heydays of the Celtics. Jerry Kirshenbaum tells how this superb unit does the job.

In the Topsy-Turvy world of the football bettor a loss can be as good as a win—if you beat the spread—and the Boston Patriots are a better club than the L.A. Rams.

Eastern Cowhands are every bit as much dedicated to roping calves, wrestling steers and riding bulls and broncos as are Westerners. Cowtown, N.J. is their Cheyenne.