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20 Texas by an Eyelash
For three quarters it wits all Arkansas, but then James Street rallied his Longhorns to a dramatic 15-14 victory

26 New York on the Move—Again
That remarkable sporting town is clamoring for a hockey winner, too, as the surprising Rangers roll on

28 The Danes Scourge the Seas
Greedy fishermen front one of Europe's most esteemed nations may wipe out the Atlantic salmon

34 After Show Biz, Slow Biz
Ashland College's Eagles are college basketball's greatest showboats—and the game's worst anticlimax

39 New Kind of Wheel at GM
Chevy's sports-minded boss, John DeLorean, has a style unique in Detroit's executive suites

48 Desecrate with Howls So Jolly
The National Defilement Association gets things off to a filthy start as we roll messily into another holiday season

76 The Man Who Fired Flipper
He is the owner of the Miami Dolphins, Joe Robbie, who thought his movie-star mascot was an extravagance

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The astonishing decade of the '60s, an unparalleled one in sport, is the theme of a Special year-end issue. A 42-page gallery of photographs presents the memorable moments and the heroes of the past 10 years, while William Johnson, in Part 1 of a series on the impact of television on sport, tells how the era of Super Spectator and Mass Com arrived to change—for better or for worse, but certainly forever—our sporting way of life. The Sportsman of the Year is named, a man whose achievements and personality say something of the past and future, too. The week's news will be fully covered as well; also, Stories on pro football and the forthcoming bowl games.