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10 Sonny Sniffs a Derby
In his first start on the road to Churchill Downs, Sonny Werblin's Silent Screen wins at Hialeah

14 Show Biz Is Out, Boxing Is In
After a decade of dramatics, Joe Frazier and Jimmy Ellis will fight for the title without horseplay

16 Rise of the Bossy Ivies
Not only are tomorrow's executives winning now, they will he even better when the super freshmen come up

18 A Little Murder Set to Music
Refined but rugged, the U.S. figure skating meet shows that there is steel inside every fluffy little girl

20 Keep Your Game Young
Gene Sarazen, who still nudges par, tells how you can keep your golf score from growing with age

28 If You Want Tom, Easy Does It
The approach is the thing with Tom McMillen, the most heavily recruited schoolboy basketball player in years

32 My Struggle to Help the President
The travails of private citizens who attempt to move the bureaucrats to enforce pollution laws

54 The Only Game in Town
The community of Dauphin, Manitoba lives for hockey—and might die if deprived of it

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7 Scorecard
39 People
40 College Basketball
42 Skiing
49 Wrestling
65 For the Record
66 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

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