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16 Eagle on a Wild, Wet Flight
Ted Turner's "American Eagle" scored an upset victory over one of the finest sailing fleets ever assembled

20 The Team That Eats Managers
Boston is working on its fifth leader in a decade. Eddie Kasko's survival may depend on his relation to Yaz

22 Time for the Mighty Scramble
UCLA is favored to win college basketball's national championship, but there is plenty of room for an upset

28 Bad Show Out in the Cold Snow
Snowmobiles are fun, but they also are ear-shattering and upsetting to the ecology. It is time for controls

36 Girls from the Mountain Next Door
Inside every girl ski racer there hides a fascinator who can change quickly into her poor-little-me disguise

50 Love-in at a Natatorium
A red-haired coach named Reddish has engineered a great new swimming pool—and a great new spirit—at Utah U.

58 A Man of Arts and Letters
Paul Mellon's horses have won him fame; his book and art collections have made sporting history

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9 Scorecard
42 Pro Basketball
48 Fishing
50 Swimming
55 Horse Racing
56 Hockey
73 For the Record
74 19th Hole

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An expensive enigma, the St. Louis Cards are baseball's most changed team. William Leggett explores the ways of a franchise intrepid enough to take a dare on Richie Allen.

Going for four, the first wide-open NCAA basketball tourney in years decides its semifinalists in regional battles across the land. Curry Kirkpatrick describes the action.

Sparring partners like Danny Andrews only get paid when they work with a name fighter; even then the pay is low. And Danny is good at his trade. He makes you think.