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Original Issue

The Girls From The Mountain Next Door


All done up forbattle they look full of fire and ferocious. Still, inside every girl ski racerthere hides a real live girl who can change quickly into her wistful,it's-poor-little-old-me disguise and disarm men for miles around. Glamour isnot their game and chic is for all those elderly ladies in their 20s. instead,girl racers are made of steel and spice and everything nice—like Canada's gaminBetsy Clifford at right, who was tough enough to enter the world-championshipgiant slalom...and girl enough to cry just a little bit when she beat everybodyelse to win a gold medal.

Rosi Fortna(left) comes on with big, dark eyes and an ethereal air that seems to belie herdaredevil style of racing.

When Kiki Cutteris disguised in ruffles she looks deceptively fragile, a far cry from KikiCutter, demon competitor.

Even in repose,Martha Rockwell displays some of the intensity that marks her efforts to becomea Nordic star.

Bombing aracecourse, Barbara Cochran is a relentless charger. But Barbara by candlelightpresents a softer image: a gentle girl with long blonde hair.

A willowy,18-year-old college coed, Barbara Britch can turn quickly from femininity tofierce cross-country racer in one of the most demanding sports ever.