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18 A Bird in Hand and a Burning Busch
Richie Alien finally showed up in the Cardinal camp but Owner Gussie Busch was still seething at these parlous times

24 Up Jump the Canucks
In danger of missing hockey's playoffs, the Montreal Canadiens had to win last week—and did

26 Even End to an Eventful Year
It will be close, but UCLA, which always seems to rise to the occasion, should win its fourth NCAA title in a row

34 The Merchandise Is Horses
Supermarket Owner Wendell Rosso buys thoroughbreds the way he buys carloads of bananas

40 Clancy's Gym Is Danny's Turf
Sparring partners like Danny Andrews are paid only for working with name fighters, and the pay is low

48 Bloody Nights on the Lone Prairie
Feathers fly in the pits when chicken-fighters get together on Saturdays in Satanta, Kansas

68 A Handful of Aces
Upsetting bridge tradition, Texan Ira Corn plans to win the world title with the game's first team of pros

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13 Scorecard
46 People
48 Cockfighting
52 College Basketball
58 Skiing
60 Golf
64 Track & Field
79 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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Next week

Basketball climax comes in Maryland and New York, with reports by Joe Jares and William Reed on UCLA's bid for the NCAA title and Pete Maravich's fling in the NIT.

A comic-opera vendetta flares in Ohio as Pitcher Dean Chance turns boxing promoter and moves in on the territory of one Don Elbaum. A front-line dispatch from Myron Cope.

Sky-high skiing is the big thing in Canada's Bugaboos: you copter to the top—and then run for miles. A colorful spring portfolio by skiing cameraman John G. Zimmerman.