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While UCLA was psyching out the NCAA and Marquette was sewing up the NIT, a game between Las Vegas show girls and some airline stewardollies gave basketball a new shape—and a lot bigger gate

All right, fans, it's halftime here at beautiful Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth, and before the Dallas Chaparrals and the Denver Rockets come back on court we have that special basketball game you all—well, half of you, anyway—came out to see. You know, the Chaparrals drew just 2,000 people last week. Tonight we've got more than 4,000 here!

Now...preeesenting...from Las Vegas, Nevada, and wearing, well, nothing much to speak of...the Desert Inn Pzazzers! Shirley, Rusty, Margi...give 'em a hand, folks, and let's have a cheer for their coach, Quarterback Craig Morton of the Dallas Cowboys. ...Well, Craig, they say only the great ones get booed.

Opposing these finely trained young athletes...representing Frontier Airlines...the lithe and talented Frontier Jets! Here they come, fans...Jill, Jackie, Honey. Folks, wouldn't you love to be served coffee, tea or milk by one of them? Let's hear it for the Jets.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to see is the second annual Glamour Cup Dribble. Will we have a high-scoring game? Hard to say—our Jets won the 1969 battle 3-2. Oh, yes—there are some special rules. No hair-pulling for one. O.K., girls, we're ready. Play!

How about that, folks? We did have a high scoring game, even though our Jets lost it 5-2. Let me review the action—Shirley Allen! Unbelievable! Two field goals—two!—for the Pzazzers. A regular Pete Maravich (page 22)! Not to downgrade our Super Jet, Letha Luster. She got a field goal, too!

You know, folks, I suspect the press agents for the Inn and the airline set up this game, but do you know who really scored? The Dallas Chaparrals, that's who! Two thousand extra paid admissions, and, boy, do we need 'em!


Lorna Jacobs proved to be a real hotshot when the show girls held a poolside practice.


In a maneuver reminiscent of football's center snap, Jets' Letha Luster and Jackie Carroll try to wrest ball from Desert Inn's Shirley Allen.


A break in the action provides time for the usual bench refreshment—champagne.


Indefatigable Captain Allen prepares to launch a Nevada-style field-goal attempt.