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Original Issue

New Splash by the Shore

This year men go down to the sea in stripes. Plus a few stars, plenty of bright patterns, touches of patchwork and, of all things, sport coats, slacks and vests. The idea sprung—well, more like exploded—from the drawing boards of some of the country's bright stylists who figured that since sport clothes will get you anywhere in today's relaxed society, why not to the beach? The result is a new scene by the 1970 shore—such as Branford's vivid double-knit slacks worn by Mike Andresen at right, with co-sailor Jeannette Valdivia, and, on the next two pages, a crazy collection of corduroys, cottons, polyester blends and even cowhide. Typifying the trend are Catalina Martin's tailored swim trunks, aided by the bold new slacks from manufacturers Moyer and Paul Ressler (page 43), all topped off with coats that clearly get the idea across from Clubman, John Alexander, Haspel, Sandwich Isles and Lilly Pulitzer. Collectively, they're a cool touch for a hot summer.

Beach-bound in style, Jeannette, Duane Olson and Andresen, plus one Hobie board, fill up a dune buggy.

Wheeling at Laguna, Olson tries Honda's new Mini Trail bike and a 1970 look: sports coats at the beach.

Strollers Sue Cearnal, Andresen, Jeannette and Olson head home from a day's surfing near Balboa's "wedge."

Once a business staple, vests have turned sporty. Here, the Silton Bros. model is worn by trail cyclist Olson.

At Long Beach, Carolyn Hays and Tim Tobin share a Honda Super 90 and show off wild summer slacks.

The diagonal-striped, knit slacks on the preceding page are $29 at John Wanamaker, Philadelphia. Pictured on this page (clockwise): dune-buggy driver Olson wears a bamboo-pattern sports coat made of French drapery fabric, $95 at Knox, New York; Andresen's jacket is Galey & Lord's seersucker, about $65 at Bloomingdale's, New York. Cyclist Olson (top right) wears a split cowhide vest, $25 at Sakowitz, Houston, and Western-cut corduroy slacks, $14 at Marshall Field, Chicago. Next, easy rider Tobin wears star-studded cotton slacks, $14 at Klopfenstein's, Seattle. In the foursome opposite, Andresen's cotton sports coat is $35 at Bullock's Wilshire, Los Angeles and Palm Springs, and the patchwork model worn by Olson is $90 at Bullock's, Southern California. At left, Olson's double-breasted corduroy blazer is $70 at Field Brothers, New York. The girls' clothes are from White Stag, White Stag-Speedo, Kahala and Alvin Duskin. Leather sneakers are by Bare/Foot/Gear. New metal-framed glasses are by Riviera.