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12 Shoot-out in the NBA
The Knicks-Bucks series featured lots of muscle. In the West, Wilt Chamberlain found himself against Atlanta

18 An Unaccustomed Night's Work
Bantamweight Champion Ruben Olivares usually knocks them out early, but he had to go 15 to beat Chucho Castillo

20 Mr. O and the Sack of New York
The individual brilliance of Boston's Bobby Orr swept the Rangers out of the Stanley Cup

22 Take Me Out of the Ball Game
Spilling onto the fields and spoiling the action, a new generation of rowdies gets into the sports act

24 Pick 'em with a Pin
The field gets ready for Churchill Downs, and there isn't a favorite in sight

32 Creepers, Floaters and Squirmers
Race walking may seem a giggle, but it's a deadly serious sport where a misstep can mean disqualification

38 Hard Way over a High Route
The path across the Alps runs along the edge of danger—and ends with the triumphant note, "Healthy are we!"

64 A Speed King without a Kingdom
Craig Breedlove, champion of a moribund sport, is waging an uphill struggle to restore its luster—and his

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5 TV Talk
9 Scorecard
46 People
50 Baseball
59 Golf
60 Wrestling
62 Nature
79 For the Record
82 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

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Next week

The hockey war between Boston and Chicago pits Bobby against Bobby—Orr vs. Hull—in a clash of superstars for the East's Stanley Cup title. Gary Ronberg tells the story.

SOCCER IN NICARAGUA? Well, stamp it O.K. if it is promoted by former Phillies Owner Bill Cox, whose hits and misses in the world of sport are described by Gwilym Brown.

A search for America is undertaken, in a low-key way, by John Underwood, who discovers some small truths while observing sport and life in four of our country's small towns.