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22 A Command Performance
Robert Lehmann left a tiger hunt in India and flew 8,000 miles to see his Dust Commander win the Derby

28 Caged, Tamed and on a Tear
It is a new breed of Chicago Cub that is oil and running this year, except when he loses and Leo becomes a lion

30 East Is Knicks but West Is West
When the twain met in the NBA playoffs. New York found L.A.'s peerless Jerry West its chief obstacle to victory

38 Speed and Soul
Driver Mario Andretti has both, and wealth as well. This month he defends his Indianapolis 500 title

50 The World's First Peace Pentathlon
He parachutes! He swims! He scubas! He runs! He trail-bikes! He puts down competition! It's Super Hippie!

72 The Big Man Who Wasn't There
All winter Martin McGrady rapped about beating Lee Evans outdoors, but when the meet was set, he wasn't

80 The Merchant of Menace
Sam Cummings of Interarms can deliver enough firepower to bring down a charging jackrabbit or a banana republic

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14 Scorecard
62 People
64 Baseball
72 Track & Field
74 Rowing
78 Soccer
103 For the Record
104 19th Hole

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The pro playoffs come down to their last gasps. SI reports the final thrust of the Knicks and Lakers for basketball's crown and the Boston-St. Louis hockey struggle.

A revealing diary of his finest year describes golf money-winner Frank Beard's pleasures and perils while on the pro tour, a place where you follow the sun and the buck.

From the outfield in Yankee Stadium to a successful harness-horse farm in Maryland was not such a big step for Charlie Keller. Charlie was always a country boy at heart.