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14 In for Two and the Title
With the ease of a Walt Frazier layup, the perfectly put-together Knicks won the NBA championship

18 Welcome Back, Mister Hogan
The Iceman returneth, sore knee and all, and shows flashes of the form that made him golfing's greatest player

22 Lots of Stuff and No Nonsense
That is Andy Messersmith, California's winning Angel whose idea of a perfect rest cure is more work on the mound

30 Going Nowhere, On Wheels
Speed roller skating has been called a fast way to get to oblivion, so what's in it for wealthy Mike Lay Port?

40 A Great Gabble over Iowa Lakes
The quiet of tall corn country was broken this year by the biggest concentration ever of migrating geese

44 Keeping 'em Down on the Farm
Charlie Keller was always a country boy at heart and now he is a rising breeder of quality trotting horses

64 How Can a Pro...
...miss an 18-inch putt? Frank Beard, 1969's leading money winner, describes the testing life of the tour golfer

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9 TV Talk
10 Scorecard
48 People
50 Baseball
54 Fishing
57 Bridge
58 Hockey
60 Horse Racing
75 For the Record
76 19th Hole

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Next week

Its vroom time again at Indy as Mario Andretti et al. rev up for a qualifying weekend that has come to be almost as heavily attended as the 500. A preview by Robert F. Jones.

Kip Keino is back and Marty Liquori is ready and waiting. Last winter the Kenyan blew Marty off the track. They hook up again in the Martin Luther King Games.

Flying for pleasure engrosses a big and growing escadrille of Americans. It is the subject of a 12-page photo essay in color and a prose appreciation of their lively skies.