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22 Revenge Can Be Sour
Marty Liquori beat Kip Keino to avenge a humiliating defeat, but it wasn't as sweet as lie had imagined

26 A Preakness with Personality
The colt Hirsch Jacobs picked as his best before he died became the family's first Triple Crown event winner

28 Mom Unser's Indy Chili
It took bravery to sample it and more to duel with her son Al as he raced to the 500 pole

30 Henry Raps One for History
With his 3,000th hit Henry Aaron reached another plateau—and remained baseball's best under publicized giant

36 I'll Never Envy a Superstar
Part 2 of Frank Beard's diary: a chronicle of victory and a report on the strains of success

50 Swift Wings to Bright Horizons
In color photographs and text SI examines the adventurous world of Americans who fly for pleasure and sport

86 A River Running out of Eden
The Restigouche flows as beautiful as ever, but days of good salmon fishing are only memories in old men's minds

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13 Scorecard
69 People
70 Baseball
74 Harness Racing
78 Lacrosse
82 Boxing
105 For the Record
106 19th Hole

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Next week

The mets and cubs fight for first again amid speculation that New York may already have the best pitching staff ever. A jury of famed baseball names examines the claim.

Roughing it the easy way is the style of three million U.S. families which motor into the vacation season with camping vehicles. Robert Handville paints choice campsites.

The real McCoy is a phrase today, but 50 years ago it was the name of a world-famed fighter whose career as champion, playboy and actor ended with jewel theft and murder.