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10 No! Not John Smith!
As Lee Evans found out, John Smith is for real. He won the 440 in an AAU meet notable for its upsets

14 Triumph for the Clan O'Brien
Vincent O'Brien, with his brothers and his wife and a donkey named Ned, had an Irish Derby winner

16 A Tornado with a New Twist
Out of the rubble of Lubbock, Texas came an All-Star football game that ran rings around its predecessors

18 No One Could Trump the Aces
Ira Corn's professionals easily won the Bermuda Bowl, first world bridge title for the U.S. in 16 years

22 Dredging Money from the Bank
There may be big profits on the Great Bahama Bank for miners of aragonite, but some big headaches, too

26 New Tintype Heroes
Some of today's foremost baseball players put on their best 1890's look to produce an old-fashioned album

46 A Home on the Range
Like a small town on wheels, Airstream Wally Byam Caravan No. 71 rolls safely and securely through Mexico

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57 For the Record
58 19th Hole

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The reds are coming! The hottest team in baseball, Cincinnati is rolling over the league like some dread machine. In color and text, a report on Bench, Perez & Co.

A good chance at winning the America's Cup is now being offered to two of the three competing nations by a young yacht designer whose name is—you guessed it—Chance.

The Paradox of Boston, where sports arc mixed with politics, tradition and a stubborn refusal to build a municipal stadium, leads to the question: Who Are the Hub Men?