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12 Virtue in the Valley of Sin
Jack Nicklaus ends a long dry spell by winning the British Open at St. Andrews, his first major title since 1967

16 Box? Bar of Soap? No, It's a Car
They laughed when Jim Hall unloaded his vacuum cleaner. But it may be the fastest thing in the future

18 Zut! We Nearly Got Guillotined
A sassy U.S. track team expected a laugher in Paris, but the Yanks turned grim as the French turned on the speed

20 Funny Ball, Funny Bounces
Laboratory tests reveal that baseballs vary startlingly: some are rabbits, but others are apt to be duds

26 Man of Machismo
Joe Kapp, the fun-loving Viking quarterback, tells why he never ducks a linebacker or someone who wants to fight

32 Salty Balm on the Edge of the City
Some anglers find escape by dropping a line in the front yards of San Francisco and New York

38 A Stroll Through the Water
The world's foremost coach shows how dog paddlers can make their aquatic adventures easy—and pleasant

52 Sam Spade Goes to the Dogs
Irish luck helped Dick Andrews recover the loot after jewel robberies and led him into greyhound racing

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9 Scorecard
47 Baseball
48 Water Skiing
50 Basketball
61 For the Record
62 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier

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Next week

Speed to burn, baby, is the keynote of drag racing, the onetime outlaw sport that has now grown up to become respectable: a portfolio on the hottest rodders of them all.

A belligerent misfit is Viking Joe Kapp's assessment of himself in Part 2. The position of quarterback, he says, is the natural refuge of the willing but physically unendowed.

Baseball's bird dogs are vanishing and only a few scouts remain, thanks to the draft. A reminiscence by Pat Jordan of the days when the game had romance—and romancers.