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10 Yea, Mr. Mays
At the age of 39 wonderful Willie went on a tear that took him past the magic 3,000-hit mark

14 A Revolution Roils the Cup
As France's 12-meter forces celebrated Bastille Day, a U.S. monarch seemed about to fall off his throne

16 End of a Long, Long Drought
Jack Nicklaus discusses his British Open victory, and tells why he wants four more just like it

18 The Smell of Death
Smiling most of the way, tough old Karl Wallenda walked a wire 750 feet above Georgia's rocky Tallulah Gorge

22 Speed to Burn, Baby, Burn
All grown up now, drag racing presents a colorful new image in pictures and a report from Big Daddy Garlits

30 A Misfit Who Lives to Win
That is Joe Kapp's self-assessment. Quarterbacking, he says, is the natural refuge for the eager but unskilled

50 You Can't Beat the Draft
A onetime bonus baby looks at baseball's free-agent draft and remembers the romance of yesteryear

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8 Scorecard
38 People
40 Bridge
42 Sporting Look
44 Harness Racing
48 Track
60 For the Record
62 19th Hole

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Next week

Off to Leningrad to meet the Russians, the U.S. track team will try its best to overcome both the Soviets and the AAU. A report by Pat Putnam with color photographs.

Saratoga's month is August, pleasantest period in the long racing season for everyone connected with the sport. A gallery of pictures shows its many moods and manners.

Shoeshine boy to millionaire, Mr. San Diego and boss of Caliente racetrack—that is the saga of John Alessio. But friendly Johnny is in some agua caliente himself these days.