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8 Don't Drink the Water
That is what the U.S. track team was told upon arrival in Leningrad, where the Russians ran away to win

14 A Head Fit for a Triple Crown
Minnesota's Harmon Killebrew always hit for power, hut this year he has a .300 average, too

16 Arnie's Party Was a Divine Affair
Palmer and Nicklaus led all the way in a four-ball tournament marked by rain and highly partial clearing

18 Uhh, Janet, Is That You?
The fourth U.S. Pillow-lighting Championship went well, considering that it was fought over a puddle

20 We Were Just a Bunch of Party Poopers
Instead of going into the Super Bowl with customary élan, the Vikings suddenly turned cautious, explains Joe Kapp

28 Tranquillity at Saratoga
In its annual race meeting, the graceful old spa provides a surcease from most of the cares of the urban world

37 Curious Case of the Copper Band
They turn your wrists green and medical poobahs purple, but those bracelets keep showing up in sport

50 The Agua Turns Hot for Johnny
The proprietor of Caliente racetrack and onetime Mr. San Diego is having a little trouble with the tax people

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6 Scorecard
42 People
44 Baseball
46 Pro Football
48 Games
61 For the Record
62 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

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Man in the middle is Tommy Bell, an NFL referee on weekends, a Kentucky lawyer weekdays. Whistling while he works, he even calls the time-outs for TV commercials.

Running a river like the Buffalo in the Ozarks can be a hairy experience even for the young and fit. Artist Thomas Hart Benton canoed down the roily waters last spring at 81.

Games prisoners play and some of the peculiar ways they play them, are described in an article by Malcolm Braly, whose credentials include several years in stir.