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8 The One-Night Season
After Kansas City heat the All-Stars it appeared that pro football could be over for 1970

12 Plain Words at Westchester
Dave Hill, who didn't win this year's classic, still generated as much excitement as the man who did

14 Splashy Fight for a Title
The top water polo teams foam up a new national champion and a potential Olympic threat

18 No Disgruntlements Round Here
Danny Murtaugh's slaphappy band of plucky Bucs are all dolled tip in new uniforms and a new Pittsburgh stadium

22 He Whistles While He Works
A lawyer on weekdays, NFL Referee Tommy Bell heads up a crew of six officials, all yearning for anonymity

28 The Old Man and the River
An aging but still salty Thomas Hart Benton once again canoes down the Buffalo River in the Ozarks

48 Prison Games and Other Escapes
When you're serving time, sport can be a way to regain a sense of normality, or hold back the hands of time

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6 Scorecard
36 People
38 Baseball
42 Golf
44 Boxing
47 Bridge
57 For the Record
58 19th Hole

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Next week

America's Cup showdowns between the Australian and French challengers and would-be U.S. defenders enrich the waters and ways of Newport. A report from harborside.

Sudden Sam McDowell of the Indians baffles batters and all other observers with equal regularity, mostly because he never twice throws the same pitch or shoots the same line.

The voice of Tarzan is still heard in the land but Johnny Weissmuller, now 64 and busy peddling massage chairs, sometimes grows weary of loosing his great yell on demand.