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12 The One That Got Away Again
Arnold Palmer played well, but the PGA Championship escaped him again in Tulsa last week, as Dave Stockton won

16 Yes, Rick, There Is a Virginia
Former NBA star Rick Barry, now contracted to the ABA Virginia Squires, wants to jump back to San Francisco

18 A Full Series for a Fleet Pair
Carl Yastrzemski and Tony Oliva, going after the batting title, were the big show as Minnesota bombed in Boston

22 Marlu Has a Bit of Trouble
When a $15 rubber bit broke in his mouth, Marlu Pride lost all chance to win the $100,000 Yonkers Futurity

24 The Impatience of Mrs. Job
Given a wave-tossed lake, determination and four kids, an Ohio mother turned out four swimming champions

30 Grand Prix American Style
The color camera samples a vivid new brand of U.S. auto racing, whose biggest noise is a driver named Cannon

50 Turn Left at the Porcupine
In which Dauntless Angler Jack Olsen ransacks Colorado for the secret of the missing trout

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60 For the Record
63 19th Hole

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