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10 Big Ifs in Big D
The Cowboys, losers of four straight playoff games, have the same old problems—and some new ones

14 Aussies and French Hook Up
"Gretel II" and "France" opened their historic race-off to be America's Cup challenger with a doughty duel

16 Watch Out! There Are More En Route
With the most productive farm system in baseball, the Baltimore Orioles are loaded, now and for years to come

18 Now Look Who's an Old Lady
It's Debbie Meyer, who's all of 18—simply ancient by female swimming standards and faster than ever

24 Merrily They Rolled Along...
Cars were banished and muggers stayed out of sight as a national championship was settled in pastoral Manhattan

26 Rich Way to Make a Getaway
If you are wealthy, prestigious and the right sort you may find happiness at Ties Vidas, a little south of Acapulco

46 Steps in the Right Direction
An advocate of good food, fine wine, serenity and holiness advocates two stimulating paths to fitness

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7 Scorecard
34 People
36 Baseball
41 Bridge
42 Golf
44 Horse Racing
57 For the Record
58 19th Hole

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Next week

Tense but tenacious, the N.Y. Met defense of the world title begins in the infield with Bud Harrelson. At the start of the last desperate drive, a report on baseball's only race.

Thirty-six-inch thighs! Sixty-inch chests! These are the superheavyweight weight lifters who strain for the world title in Ohio next month. A gallery in color by Neil Leifer.

The hunt fortune was founded in oil, not games, but old H.L. merely looked on in awe while two of his sons, Lamar and Bunker, poured gushers of money into sport.