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20 Welcome Back, Ali!
Overweight and undertrained, Muhammad still looked mighty good in his return to action in Atlanta

24 The Hambo Was a Family Affair
Johnny Simpson won it with Timothy T., as his father had with Timmy's sire six years ago

26 Explosion in a Boom Town
Growth is not coming easily to once-tranquil Aspen, Colo., where developers are being blasted—even with dynamite

28 Shoe on the Way to 6,033
Bill Shoemaker equaled one of sport's major records—most wins by a jockey—held for years by John Longden

40 A Surface Case of Bugs in the Rugs
Faster and bounder than ordinary grass, artificial turf is changing baseball—although not always for the better

College Football 1970

46 A fresh decade promises new heroes—and new fears
48 ...but fear not for a red-letter crop of quarterbacks
56 SI's football staff picks the Top 20

1. Ohio State
2. Mississippi
3. Arkansas
4. Texas
5. Nebraska
6. USC
7. Notre Dame
8. Penn State
9. Michigan
10. Florida
11. Missouri
12. Houston
13. Colorado
14. LSU
15. Auburn
16. West Virginia
17. Stanford
18. Kansas State
19. UCLA
20. Arizona State

78 The Conferences
88 The Small Colleges

106 Look, Ma, No Hands
In the daredevil past, air circus flying was deadly competitive; now it is often weekend sport for executives

The departments

17 Scorecard
92 Baseball's Week
94 Tennis
98 Golf
104 Bridge
127 For the Record
128 19th Hole

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Pro Football kicks off its first season united but not standing pat. It's a changing game, thanks to Hank Stram and his 66 formations, which Tex Maule describes in addition to making his fearless picks. Then there are a dozen pages of scouting reports; a gallery of color photographs by Neil Leifer depicting the secrets of Dick Butkus' trade; plus an article on that big, bad Bear by Robert F. Jones, revealing the fact that he speaks English; and a first-person account (with John Underwood) of the tragicomic life of Placekicker Booth Lusteg. Also our regular features and news coverage.