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14 Archie's War with Alabama
This year he won it to avenge a tumultuous defeat—and look good to the girl friend, too

18 One Head That Cost a Crown
By just that margin Sassafras deposed Nijinsky, the reigning thoroughbred of Europe, in the Arc

20 The Happiness Boys at the Track
Like all of us, the Boys prefer to win their bets. Their system is—almost—surefire

22 Mr. Twinkletoes and His Friends
Mr. T. is Alex Karras. He weighs 245. His pals are his Detroit Lion teammates. They growl

30 Three Birds Who Mainly Stay
Baltimore's Dave McNally, Mike Cuellar and Jim Palmer may teeter occasionally on the mound but they seldom fall

38 Racing's Most Frightening Corners
Jackie Stewart, a world driving champion, explains the thrills and hazards of his sport's toughest curves

50 Wow, Like Let's Really Try to Win
That's what Linebacker Chip Oliver told his Oakland teammates. No one listened. Now Chip's a hippie

88 Guide to All-Star Indigestion
A renowned restaurant critic mingles with the crowd out on the great hamburger and milk-shake circuit

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11 Scorecard
59 People
60 College Football
70 Tennis
78 Golf
80 Bridge
85 Chess
103 For the Record
106 19th Hole

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Next week

The series begins, and this just could be an American League year. William Leggett reports, and photographers cover in color the annual showdown between baseball's best.

Hockey's hopes for the 1970-71 season are outlined by Mark Mulvoy, and the coach of last year's Stanley Cup winners, Harry Sinden, tells why he is leaving Boston.

Ballooning's poet laureate, a young man who crossed the English Channel on nothing but hot air and a grubstake from the Rolling Stones, is described by Harold Peterson.