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14 Flying Start for the Big Bad Birds
With two quick victories, the Baltimore Orioles returned to their home turf as heavy favorites in the Series

18 The Woo of Texas Is Upon You
Steve Worster was better than the average fullback as the Longhorns collected No. 24

20 Days of Stillness at Wichita State
The grief that followed the football team's plane crash was intensified by post-accident investigations

22 He Goes Where the Trouble Is
He's Joe Kapp, wandering quarterback, and last week he was playing for the Patriots, who are in deep trouble

In Hockey It's Orr—or Else

28 Mark Mulvoy sees Bobby as vital in 1970-71
38 Harry Sinden tells how Bobby helped him win a cup

58 Little Joe on the Red Mile
Joe O'Brien set the Lexington Trots meeting on its ear with an amazing number of two-minute drives

64 Lift, Liberty and the Pursuit of...
Flying formation with the cloud banks in a hot-air balloon is one way to skim away the earthly cobwebs

The departments

11 Scorecard
46 People
48 College Football
58 Harness Racing
62 Motor Sports
81 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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Next week

Pro Basketball celebrates its 25th anniversary with three new teams in four new divisions, prospects of a Milwaukee dynasty and pursuit of the fruits of the merger.

Ali's comeback starts for real against Jerry Quarry, and Mark Kram reports he may be a new, subdued Muhammad outside the ring, but is still the same accomplished boxer.

Poisoned fish now swim our coastal waters in numbers that threaten both the species and human health. A new study sponsored by SI uncovers the growing pollutant hazard.