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A new first-aid kit is tailored to some special ways in which you can get hurt


Snowmobiles, campers, trailers, surfboards, water skis and the latest in bikes and boats all offer prospective purchasers new ways to enjoy the outdoors. As has been fairly well established, however, these things also offer users a whole raft of brand-new ways to hurt themselves. Now there is at least one new product to cope with that contingency as well. It is made by an outfit called Relevant Products, Inc. and it is called Safe-T-Cell.

Safe-T-Cell is a first-aid kit that comes in four models, each designed to fit the potential hazards of four different categories of outdoor enjoyment: on the water, in the air, in the woods and on the snow. The contents of each kit were determined after a careful statistical study of the types and frequency of injuries in each category.

The wintry Safe-T-Cell, designed specifically for snowmobilers, contains gauze, a wire splint, various kinds of bandages, dressings and pads, an elastic bandage, sterile eye pads, Merthiolate, a tourniquet, adhesive tape, aspirin, tissues, safety pins, a razor blade, a rescue blanket, chocolate bars, waterproof matches, nylon cord and a compass. If nothing else, you'll have plenty for the kids to play with while you wait for help. All this is packaged in a polyethylene cylinder that floats, is waterproof, airtight, shatter-resistant and easily attached to the snowmobile.

The autocamper, aircraft and marine kits are similar in design but have slightly different supplies. Each retails for $13.95, except the marine variety, which at $17.95 includes a mouth-to-mouth rescue breather, Dramamine, snakebite kit and additional burn ointment. Since the items in the other kits, exclusive of packaging, would retail for $14.45, the Safe-T-Cell is an unquestionable bargain.

But according to Stephen Brandt of Relevant Products, it is much more than that. "There are two general kinds of first-aid kits in the stores now," says Steve. "The one at popular price—say between $3 and $12—contains primarily gauze items and has no capability for splinting, wrapping or survival. The fancier kind is priced at around $40. These are comprehensive kits, but they're very costly and often contain exotic food."

Safe-T-Cell, on the other hand, according to its designer, Mack Thomas, fits the first-aid equipment to the likeliest need, providing basic survival capability at moderate price. Which will be a real plus after you've finished paying for that new snowmobile or airplane. Contact: Relevant Products, Inc., P.O. Box 1096, Louisville, Ky. 40201. Phone: (502) 368-1648.