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16 Revival and Revenge
Ohio State had it and got it as Woody Hayes threw a racy offense and staunch defense at his tormentors of 1969

20 One Round of Boxing Was Enough
For three minutes Joe Frazier tried to show how clever he was. Then he destroyed Bob Foster in 49 seconds

22 The Stars Earn Their Stripes
Playing for super patriot Bill Daniels and surrounded by flags, the Utah Stars have become the ABA's best

24 Too Small to Be Overlooked
The Oilers' Jerry Levias is a mouse among NFL mammoths, but he regularly comes up with the big plays

College Basketball: The '70-71 Season

32 They are out of the snake pits and into shiny new showcases. A gallery in color of the best of the new arenas

39 UCLA, its controversial Coach Johnny Wooden and his awesome simplicity: a portrait of the team and the man

44 Scouting reports on the country's top 20. UCLA is favored, but the competition is close and climbing

61 The best of the rest. Regional appraisals of teams that, with a little luck, could challenge the favorites

64 Oral Roberts and Kentucky State are small colleges by designation only. Two reports on remarkably major minors

88 And the girls. They played winning basketball from the start, but then came this other coach, a guy too, and...

The departments

11 Scorecard
70 College Football
76 Design for Sport
78 Conservation
86 Hockey
104 For the Record
106 19th Hole

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Bouncing back from his worst year—an embarrassing trade and subpar basketball—Jerry Lucas is playing like an eager rookie for San Francisco. Peter Carry tells why.

THE WEST IS WINNING! That's the news in the expanded National Hockey League as Chicago's Black Hawks, the best of the West, take after the top of the East.

A pro at the polls is Jack Kemp, who retired from the Buffalo Bills to run for Congress, and won a close one in his first political test. Pat Ryan does the post game analysis.