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24 A Close One at Last
UCLA won as usual, but not before college basketball's second best team, Villanova, gave it a rare, real battle

28 They're All Running After the Flag
Eastern Fleet beat Executioner in the Florida Derby, but Hoist The Flag is still the big favorite for Kentucky

32 Everybody Is Up in Arms
A couple of recent films, one an Oscar nominee, have been skillfully spliced to indict hunters and their sport

38 Showcase for the Big Names
It's time again for the Masters. Dan Jenkins talks about the golfers, Bil Gilbert comments on the scene

54 You Might Need a Mullet
In his ceaseless quest for fish, Gilbert Drake has used all kinds of baits and lures, sometimes even a machete

62 Right Out of Their League
Revealed at last, in a shocking first-person account by a former star, is the sordid truth about life in the ACL

84 No Requiem for a Heavyweight
The loss to Frazier behind him, Ali guides tourists through his new home and shows nothing has changed

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72 Hockey
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80 Surfing
111 For the Record
112 19th Hole

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