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16 There Goes the Slam
Charles Coody won the Masters and ended Jack Nicklaus' hope of winning all of golf's major titles in 1971

20 Orr Country—Orr Is It?
Boston's superstar was both hero and goat as Montreal fought the Bruins in hockey's Stanley Cup

22 I Got the Horse Right—Where?
Off-track betting is oil and running, and here is what happened when the big city became everybody's bookie

30 Curtain Up on a Mod New Act
Everything was up to date around the major leagues, but especially in suddenly boo-less Philly

34 Portrait in Powder
Swinging down a Wyoming slope, a band of skiers find an outlet for their artistic impulses

36 We've Got To Spread Some Anarchy
So says Lew Alcindor, describing what his Bucks must do to win the title. And he's sure they will

50 And a Merrie Olde Pint for Thee
Sporting talk in the inns of England is as indispensable as sport itself

56 But It Looked Like a Great New Racket
The confessions of a tennis czar who built his empire around a homesick pro and Leslie Howard's grandfather

84 To Be King of the Mountain
That is the lure of auto racing's Chimney Rock Hillclimb in a region where fast moonshiners stalled it all

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81 Platform Tennis
101 For the Record
102 19th Hole

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The cold war between Bobby Orr's Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens races to a climax: the young pretenders vs. a proud old dynasty. Mark Mulvoy will be on hand.

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