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16 Our Jack in Field of Gold
Amid glamour and glitter, an indifferent Nicklaus methodically wins the Tournament of Champions

20 A Riot Act Changes the Scene
Oakland's Dick Williams read off his troops and suddenly the American League West is a place for thrills

22 Icy Love-in for New York
The city of ex-champs turns from its basketball frustrations to find solace—however brief—in a hockey war

24 Obviously It's a Leftist Plot
Southpaw bowlers are beginning to dominate the game, and some righties wonder if the reasons are sinister

The Kentucky Derby

32 Whitney Tower sizes up a big-betting, wide-open classic
34 Tex Maule assesses the craft of a colorful trainer

46 Riders on the Brink
Motocross, an exciting form of motorcycle racing, comes to America flashing its swift, thunderous promise

52 Gunned Down by the Heavies
Finishing the story of his years as baseball commissioner, Happy Chandler tells of two firings, Durocher's and his own

76 Because It's Nowhere
Warren Harding and Dean Caldwell wanted to climb El Capitan in the worst way possible; maybe they succeeded

The departments

10 Scorecard
61 People
62 Baseball
66 Track & Field
72 Skiing
93 For the Record
94 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Fred Kaplan and Sheedy & Long















Next week

Burying the bullets in their first games, Milwaukee's Bucks seem headed for the championship that Lew Alcindor had predicted. But will they get it? And how easily?

Angry man and fine golfer, temperamental Dave Hill combines a penchant for controversy with a poetic feeling for his game and how it should be played. Myron Cope reports.

Chaw talk is what goes on between baseball's tobacco-chewing coaches and the men who play the game. In color, a gallery of traditionalists who have that oldtime flair.