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18 Missing Data Unavailable
A redundant comment in the past performance charts said a lot about Canonero II's stunning Kentucky Derby victory

22 Choosy About the Doozy
Champagne and money flowed at a Pennsylvania old-car auction, but the register didn't always ring

26 Look, Ma—Only One Hand
Lew Alcindor and Oscar Robertson made it seem easy as the Milwaukee Bucks breezed to the NBA title

32 No Bird, No Plane, Just Superjack
Jack Kelly, the AAU's new president, is determined to leap tall traditions at a single bound

44 Only the Game Has Changed
Certainly baseball's coaches have not. They chew tobacco and steal signs just the way they always did

50 Often Bloody, but Uncowed
The hatchet of golf's Establishment keeps falling on Dave Hill, who called an Open course a dairy pasture

68 Of Arms and the Men We Sing
...perhaps not in the epic cadences of Virgil, but we celebrate two sporting festivals of Americana

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13 Scorecard
58 Baseball
60 Hockey
62 Bridge
65 Pro Football
89 For the Record
90 19th Hole

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Next week

The red hot giants, trying a comeback in cool San Francisco, are winning games and even some fans, but they have a problem: that second-place image. Ron Fimrite reports.

Admission to Harvard is a cinch for a teen-ager compared to landing a summer job in the national parks, as harried parents send sons off to become babes in the woods.

Danger angels are a wingless breed who do crazy things with cars; so far not crazy enough to retire the thrill king, Joie Chitwood, or any other Chitwood. By Frank Deford.