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18 Three Kids Warm Up Chilly City
A youth movement on the Giants has the team far out in front and San Franciscans taking notice

22 South Shall Rise Again (And Again!)
Scorned by Northerners as soft, along came the stars of London Arsenal to grab soccer's unattainable double

26 He Takes Off, He Takes It In
Whether long-jumping or scoring touchdowns, UCLA freshman James McAlister is simply a sensation

34 A Doctor Tries a Transplant
It was hardly a minor operation when a noted Houston heart surgeon decided to change his backyard sport

40 The Man Who Blew a Derby
Clem McCarthy, the growling-voiced broadcaster of a generation ago, is best remembered for a famous goof

48 Here He Is, Ranger, All Yours
Oh, for a babe in the woods. Harried parents beseech forestry and wildlife officials for jobs for their sons

58 Grab the Goat and Ride, Omar!
Galloping out of Afghanistan and onto the silver screen comes buzkashi—the roughest game in the world

84 Beware of Angels at Work
Meaning Joie Chitwood & Co., who are to auto thrill shows what J. P. Morgan was to banking

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15 Scorecard
63 People
64 Baseball
72 Volleyball
80 Horse Racing
101 For the Record
102 19th Hole

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Next week

The great race pits Jim Ryun, the world-record holder, against brash Marty Liquori, who beat him in their last two meetings, over a mile in Philadelphia's Freedom Games.

Boston is bouncing again, Yaz, sir, and all that plus a new double-play combination Hubmen flock to see and believe in. William Leggett scouts the big Oriole series.

Indy approaches the 500 with qualifying runs that may crack all previous marks. Bob Jones will report, and Kim Chapin will introduce Top Mechanic George Bignotti.