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12 Now for the Mexican Open
Amazing Lee Trevino adds the British championship to his American and Canadian titles

16 Show Me the Way to Go Home
Tony Conigliaro—almost blind in one eye, hurting and homesick—gives up baseball

18 Fastest Splash in the West
She is 14-year-old Aussie freestyler Shane Gould, who outgunned a galaxy of stars at Santa Clara

20 The Rajahs' Game Falls on Hard Times
Some international polo players can no longer afford the sport, so they have come down a saddle or two

26 I Keep Getting My Kicks
George Blanda, the ancient marvel of pro football, tells the Bear facts, and more. First of a three-part series

32 Dance in the Dust
Baseball is sometimes maligned as a soft, languid game, but its moments of raw crash rattle the quiet landscape

50 BOOG! The Big Baseball Musical
Baltimore's once mighty slugger, Boog Powell, is in a slump. We draw back the curtains and see why

The departments

9 Scorecard
38 People
40 Baseball's Week
44 Air Racing
48 Harness Racing
66 For the Record
67 19th Hole

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Next week

Olympic winners Kipchoge Keino and Mohammed Gammoudi will get a gold-medal test when Marty Liquori and Steve Prefontaine meet the Africans at Durham, N.C.

Chunky Joe Torre and lean Willie Davis offer contrasts in style, if not results, in their fight for the National League batting title, a battle that includes a hot Pirate, too.

Harness Racing, as depicted by satirical artist Arnold Roth, is a horse of a very strange color indeed. The only stretch is of the imagination as Roth rides the old sulky game.