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12 Heads Roll at Head to Head
Pro golf's experiment at match play lost some big stars early; the ladies, however, found a bright new one

18 The Name of the Game is O.J.
The new Buffalo offense—O.J. right, O.J. left and, occasionally, O.J. up the middle—is O.K. by O.J.

20 We Expect Them to Storm the Gates
Faced with a staggering deficit, the Philadelphia school system is eliminating sports. The public is up in arms

26 He Who Laughs Last
With a so-long-sucker smile, harness racing's top driver, Herve Filion, leaves his rivals angry and in the dust

30 Hop, Skip and Kerplunk
The high-bouncing world of offshore powerboat racing, and a builder who remembers an oldtime rumrunner

43 How to Run 11 Laps and Be Happy
The busiest and best driver, champion Jackie Stewart, has discovered that going racing is the real romance

50 Another Fine Madness
Michael Brennan raises greyhounds with Irish passion and—would you believe?—time-and-motion studies

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9 Scorecard
36 People
38 Baseball
40 Horse Racing
43 Motor Sports
46 Swimming
61 For the Record
62 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Eric Schweikardt

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College football moves on stage once again as bands, cheerleaders and teams get ready for what promises to be an exciting season. Dan Jenkins discusses the increasing burdens of the coach; then comes a colorful sampling of that profession's top echelon, followed by a look, at Nebraska's Bob Devaney by John Underwood. Our selection of the Top 20 will comfort some—and provoke others—as will additional scouting reports on the leading conferences, independents and small colleges. Along with this, full coverage of the week's sports news.