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18 Late Summer Madness
Pro football's exhibitions hardly count, but the fans don't seem to care. They are attending games in record numbers

22 Midnight Sailors
A trio of Texans raced by day and reveled one memorable night in a victorious assault on the Mallory Cup

24 Look What Gary Found in the Cup!
Canadian Gary Cowan won the U.S. Amateur when he holed a nine-iron for an eagle on the 18th

26 Charging Full Tilt into a Bloody Fray
Knighthood is in flower once more, as British stunt men take up jousting with a vengeance, endangering life and limb

32 Here to Bring You the Play by Play...
Baseball announcers, the talkiest men in sports, fight the long silences with words, thousands of words

College Football 1971

44 The Problems of the modern-day Knute Rockne
46 A gallery of coaches, including Bob Devaney
58 SI's football staff picks the Top 20
68 The Independents
72 The Conferences
79 The Small Colleges

96 Then Came Man and a Mustard Seed
Because the smallest germ of civilization can devastate these island sanctuaries, few men can visit them

The departments

10 TV Talk
13 Scorecard
82 Baseball
86 Conservation
92 Harness Racing
111 For the Record
112 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Richard Meek

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Next week

Pro Football, with its cast of 1,040, is bigger and better than ever, says Tex Maule, who vows the same applies to his annual positive prognostications. Following Tex comes a dozen pages of scouting reports; a gallery of the 49ers at work; an article by Robert F. Jones on John R. Brodie, the San Francisco quarterback and Scientologist; and John Underwood's mind-bending portrayal of Tim Rossovich of the Philadelphia Eagles, who's almost as spectacular at self-immolation as he is at linebacking. With our usual complete sports news coverage and features.