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20 Just Who Is Knocking Out Whom?
The O's and the A's are playoff ready, but it is still thrash and bash in the National League's Wild West show

26 A Cheerleader Could Run the Team
Fans wondered who would be Notre Dame's quarterback. The answer, as Northwestern learned, is who cares

28 No One's Holding These Tigers
The Cincinnati Bengals beat the Philadelphia Eagles to roar off in defense of their division title

36 A Little Agony, a Little Ecstasy
The virtuous life and times of pro wrestler Bruno Sammartino, who wishes he was an opera star instead

42 Casting on a Sea of Memories
A fisherman's return to a childhood scene evokes some old clichés—and brings back some old dreams

50 With a Quack, Quack Here
Ducks and decoys are the end-all for Don O'Brien. His carvings win awards, and some get wet come wintertime

92 Encounter with an Athlete an odd place—the bullet. Edward Villella offers an astounding quality of movement that sport can never equal

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17 Scorecard
56 People
61 College Football
73 Tennis
74 Boxing
79 Horse Racing
88 Golf
107 Baseball's Week
108 For the Record
110 19th Hole

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Next week

Pro Basketball Starts on the road to eventual merger with its first interleague play. Champion Milwaukee meets Dallas and Baltimore takes on Kentucky in exhibition games.

Sonny Sixkiller, the Cherokee who throws bullets for the University of Washington, enjoys his celebrity but has one word for the Indian-oriented publicity he is attracting. Ugh.

Not bragging or anything, but Walter Bingham had the makings of a golf champion. All he needed was a few lessons and practice. The tale of his, uh, crash course.