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20 The World Series
The Orioles and Pirates opened in a flurry of runs and, it turned out, some intricate managerial plotting

24 Oklahoma Wins the Wishbone War
Darrell Royal invented college footballs most explosive offense, but last week Oklahoma made him wish he hadn't

28 He Looked More Like a Regiment
Pfc. Stan Smith brought all his heavy artillery to bear against the Rumanians to hold the Davis Cup for the U.S.

30 Don't Pity the Pats
Not only did New England upset the New York Jets last weekend, but the new stadium plumbing survived Superflush

Enter the Icemen

36 Hockey's warriors will earn more while fighting less
38 Montreal is en haut in the East, Chicago in the West
45 Canadien Goalie Ken Dryden tells of wondrous times

60 He's At It Again, High As a Kite
Jeffrey Jobe is 20—too old to fly a kite, but just the right age, he figures, to have a kite fly him

86 Never Sell the Horses Short
A duel to the last dollar (well, nearly) of gamblers—one who plays the ponies and the other the stock market

The departments

15 Scorecard
66 College Football
76 Bridge
81 Golf
84 Harness Racing
101 For the Record
102 19th Hole

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Next week

Danger, Explosive! Will the precision pitching and play of the Orioles continue to nullify Pittsburgh power? Bill Leggett reports on the final games of the World Series.

The war is over in pro basketball—and now the shooting starts. Analyses of all the ABA and NBA clubs, the big matchups and a look at the Bulls' Dick Motta by Frank Deford.

A clash of egos is part of the show on ABC's Monday night football telecast featuring Howard Cosell, Don Meredith and Frank Gifford. Edwin Shrake describes the fun.