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Fred McNair and Freddie, 21 (left), of Washington upset top-seeded Chauncey Depew Steele Jr. and Chauncey III of Cambridge, Mass. 11-9, 6-2 for the national father-son tennis championship in Middle-town, Mass. The McNairs, who hold three national clay-court titles, had previously lost four times in the finals—three to the Steeles. The difference this time was Freddie, who had a 22-2 record last year at North Carolina and reached the quarterfinals of the NCAA doubles championship.

Anita Yearout, 18, of Belleville, Mich., and JOHN COSTALDO, 22, of Chicago, both black belts, won the women's and men's titles in the U.S. Grand Karate Championships in Brunswick, Ohio. Miss Yearout beat Pat Barbaley of Canton, Ohio in her final match, and Costaldo defeated defending champion Artis Simmons of Erie, Pa. 3-0 in his. Costaldo toppled ex-No. 1-ranked black belt Bill Wallace en route to his title; Miss Yearout won the first advanced women's division competition.

Roger Stewart, 20 (left), of the San Diego Yacht Club, won the 1971 Snipe National Championships on Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, Md. He had one first-place finish, three seconds and a third in the series to compile a low-point score of 14.7 and beat five-time national champion Earl Elms. Roger's crew, brother JERRY, 17 (right), won the junior title in the same boat a week earlier with a first, two seconds, a third and a fourth for 19.7 points. His 18-year-old sister Debi was his crew.