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22 Last Hurrah of a Gallant Sport
Steeplechasing may be dead, but a rousing wake was held for the jumping game in South Carolina

26 Irish Stew for LSU
Notre Dame went down to Baton Rouge and found out the hard way what it is like to play the Tigers at home

28 Got to Look Good to Allah
Muhammad Ali did his best not to murder Buster Mathis; it seems his fascination with homicide is on the wane

30 The Rams Take Over
Los Angeles intercepted four of John Brodie's passes to beat the 49ers and seize the lead in the NFC West

36 It's Money in the Bank
He does his level best to talk himself out of business, but a British bookie keeps raking in the cash

College Basketball's Giant Season

46 Jim Chones: the big one who stayed
53 Scouting Reports: the best and the next best
77 Mike Ratliff: the big one who played small

106 Do Yuh Hear That Whistle...?
Train travel used to be something to sing about, and now it is an imperative summons to nostalgia

The departments

19 Scorecard
81 People
82 College Football
94 Fishing
100 Pro Football
123 For the Record
124 19th Hole

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