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18 Look What's Afoot
It's the running pro quarterback, personified by rugged Greg Landry of the Detroit Lions

22 The $40 Million Body Shuffle
It was as easy as swapping baseball cards when the majors went all out for big stakes and better headlines

24 Getting Up for a Title
The new coach calls for plenty of training—and the Lakers are proving that practice makes perfect

36 Flitting Ghosts of Pleasures Past
The majestic canvasback is all but gone, and with him goes a sporting way of life on the Chesapeake

42 This Joe Had Better Be Good
As director of player personnel, Joe Thomas has built the Dolphins into Super Bowl contenders in six years

83 Broken Wrist, Broken Record
Herve Filion fractured a bone—and in due course his own world harness record by scoring victory No. 500

86 Icemen You'd Love to Hate
They are hockey villains through and through—or are they? Hear out the men themselves

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15 Scorecard
62 People
65 College Basketball
73 Rugby
77 College Football
83 Harness Racing
102 For the Record
104 19th Hole

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A special year-end issue marks the close of 1971 with the kind of dash the decade's start deserves. The Sportsman of the Year is named, a flashing figure with verve to spare. A distinctive pictorial essay captures a quality in sport that is lacking in all too much of our society. Charlie Goren offers his annual Christmas quiz, the bowl games are reviewed, with a long look at the smasher between No. 1 and No. 2, the news is covered, highlighted by Miami vs. Baltimore in a pro football showdown week. And, as a final plus, a literary find....

Ernest Hemingway's African Journal, part one of three excerpts from a remarkable unpublished work based on the author's 1953 Kenya safari.