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14 Keeping It Short and Sweet
Johnny Unitas picked Miami apart with quick little passes and runs as Baltimore took the division lead

20 Good Times Come to Cajun Country
Southwestern Louisiana joined the major colleges with the kind of bang Long Beach State would be happy to forget

22 King Cornhusker Goes Bear Hunting
In the Orange Bowl, the best of the New Year's Day games, No. 1 Nebraska battles No. 2 Alabama

34 Sportsman of the Year
A common man with an uncommon touch, he won three national golf titles in one glorious month

40 An African Journal
Presenting a major literary find: Ernest Hemingway's account of his 1953 Kenya safari. Part I of a series

69 Snowballing Through the Rockies
Sleigh riding has been revived and is cutting a swath through the West, where horses worth thousands now duel

74 Goren's Christmas Quiz
How successful are you at converting part scores into winning games? SI's expert offers some bidding advice

98 Double Exposure
Some of 1971's grandest sporting spectacles provide the setting as the camera blends competitor and spectator

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11 Scorecard
82 People
85 Rodeo
92 Pro Skiing
109 For the Record
110 College Basketball
113 19th Hole

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The Next Issue
(dated Jan. 3, 1972)

The second season, which closes with Super Bowl VI, opens with the NFL divisional playoffs. Tex Maule and John Underwood will be there to tell you the inside stories.

UCLA of the east, or just another ACC also-ran? A report by Curry Kirkpatrick on Tom McMillen, Lefty Driesell and Maryland's troubled rise to national prominence.

The mad genius is what they call Earnie Seiler, the man who founded the Orange Bowl and each year handles its parades—in fact does everything except play quarterback.