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8 All Yours, Nebraska
The mighty Cornhuskers demolish poor Alabama and win their second straight national championship

Two That Are Super

12 In the NFC the Cowboys rode roughshod over the 49ers
15 The splashy Dolphins swamped the Colts to take the AFC

18 Court Trial for UCLA
The Bruin sophomores meet Ohio State—and turn out to be the gang that can shoot straight

22 Imperiled Flanks
Ernest Hemingway's African Journal concludes with various reflections on the hunts and haunts of man

56 Another No. 1 Is Settled in Miami
Freewheeling Howard University upsets St. Louis in the finals of the college soccer championships

60 Place in the Sun for Revvy
Peter Revson long ago traded aimless ease for the risks of auto racing, but fame has come only recently

The departments

5 Scorecard
53 People
54 Basketball's Week
56 Soccer
68 For the Record
70 19th Hole

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Next week

Four top teams are on a collision course: the runaway Lakers will face the Bucks and South Carolina is going to meet Marquette in the best of both basketball worlds.

Boats at the door are a way of life—and dress—in Marina del Rey, an L.A. waterfront community where you can make it in minutes from office desk to quarterdeck.

Fly me, I'm a kestrel. Thinking it will be good sport, Clive Gammon decides he will sign up for five easy lessons in falconry, but his evil-eyed bird proves to be no sport at all.