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10 A Cowboy Stampede
Grinding it out on the ground, Dallas ran over and around the Miami Dolphins to win the Super Bowl

16 Crooning That Same Old Song
What with bright sunshine and gentle breezes, it was a different Crosby—until Jack Nicklaus did his thing

22 Back-to-School Time for Terry Daniels
If there is a law against what Joe Frazier did to him in New Orleans, Daniels can check it out at SMU

24 Take It From the Top
A look at the country's best just-for-fun skiers, with some secrets of how they got that way

59 Make the Most with What You Got
What Memphis has got is plenty of stockholders but not nearly enough big-league basketball players

62 What Made Richie Run?
As a showboating youth it was his exhilarating talent, but when the applause died it became heroin

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6 Scorecard
47 People
48 College Basketball
54 Hockey
59 Pro Basketball
70 For the Record
72 19th Hole

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Next week

The newest traditional old-time rivalry in basketball is currently seething within the ranks of the ABA. When Utah plays Indiana, the emotions run higher than the scores.

Sapporo is all set to give a super Winter Olympic performance—Avery Brundage willing—and so is our fair-haired girl, world champion speed skater Annie Henning.

High and mighty anonymous is Pat Matzdorf. He holds the world record in the high jump, but his name is infrequently mentioned outside of Sheboygan, his hometown.