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12 Everything but Handstands
In his latest comeback, Jim Ryun not only beat Kip Keino, he laughed, joked and almost forgot his trophy

16 Old Sarge Becomes a General
On his second time around as coach of the St. Louis Blues, noncom Al Arbour has won his stars

18 A Little Hoop and a Lot of Holler
Indiana is bugs over basketball, and now the Pacers have sent the state hysterical with joy

22 Getting Up in the World
Pat Matzdorf is the record holder in the high jump but who knows him outside Sheboygan?

30 Cold Games and a Solid Gold Girl
Japan has the torch, Brundage has the match and the U.S. has its best chance for Olympic glory in Annie Henning

54 Greening of the Green in Tucson
Dino sang a cheery song, others brightened the course and added new money. Result: the sun circuit is on the rise

58 Being a Good Sport About It
Stunt men take astonishing abuse to provide Hollywood with reel-life drama, and athletic talent helps them survive

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9 Scorecard
44 People
46 College Basketball
48 Swimming
54 Golf
71 For the Record
72 19th Hole

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East side story in the NBA: the unheralded Boston Celtics are on top while those heralded New York Knicks fight to regain first. Peter Carry reports on the division race.

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