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12 It's Just Like Old Times
The Boston Celtics are riding high again, thanks to a fast-breaking combo of old pros and young hotshots

16 Scramble Back to the Deep Purple
Fran Tarkenton leaves the big town to help make a big team—the Vikings—an even bigger threat

18 An Ugly Affair in Minneapolis
It was black eyes all around when overwrought Minnesota turned the Ohio State basketball game into a brawl

22 The Great Mano a Raqueta
The $30,000 question was, when a racquetball champ and a handball champ both do their thing, whose thing wins?

26 Queens of the Southern Seas
The SORC is now the trend-setter for American ocean racing. Besides, it's fun

30 Each to His Own Chills and Thrills
Strange things are done beneath the Michigan sun when winter holds the local fishermen in an icy grip

46 A Teddy Bear's Picnic
Jerry West has never won an NCAA or NBA title, but he's had the good life, the glory and the laughs

The departments

9 Scorecard
36 College Basketball
40 Horse Racing
42 Ballooning
44 Track & Field
61 For the Record
62 19th Hole

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Next week

Down and out in Sapporo—downhill and flat out, that is. A report on the Olympics' downhill racers, men's speed skating, the 70-meter jump and women's figure skating.

The egghead saving Canadien bacon these days is Ken Dryden. The 24-year-old Montreal goaltender may be a law student at McGill, but on the ice the defense never rests.

Old, faithful Yellowstone celebrates her centenary having become something of a travel cliché, but tourists, for all their Instamatic wonder, miss the true splendors of the park.