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12 Games of the Rainbow
At Asia's first Winter Olympics—a sweet and sour brew—there was a pot of gold for a fleet Dutchman

18 Mad for Marvin B. and Ernie D.
Providence already had something going for the Friars, and when two local boys cut loose the town went wild

20 Time to Clean Up Basketball
In the wake of the Minnesota scandal, the president of the college coaches calls for stringent reform of the game

22 It's Dryden for the Defense
His Canadien clients have a shaky hockey case, but the young lawyer-goalie may yet win again

28 You Go Poom, Poom and I'll Go Pow
Ex-fighters acting in the new film "Fat City" learn that pulling punches is as much of an art as throwing them

38 Off into the Wild White Yonder
Alaskan bush pilot Don Sheldon is nine parts caution and one part faith—a good ratio for the north country

66 Old, Faithful and Mysterious
For a century Yellowstone has been a national wonder, but the public sees only a hint of its vast splendor

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5 Scorecard
49 People
50 College Basketball
57 Track & Field
58 Pro Football
60 Harness Racing
83 For the Record
84 19th Hole

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Next week

First volley in the civil war of tournament tennis will be fired in Philadelphia, where the pros open a campaign to breach the barricades of Wimbledon and Forest Hills.

The dream game is what Photographer Walter Iooss Jr. calls schoolyard basketball, and with his camera he pursues it across the U.S., wherever the kids and hoops come together.

All-America, boy and halfback. That was Pete Dawkins in 1958, when the land was proud and peaceful and patriotic. Where is he now? A profile of a major, U.S. Army.